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Free Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Category:  Search Engine Optimization

1- IF you still don’t have a website then you still have time to choose a good domain name that include your keywords, use free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Tool to get more information about the search volume of your main keyword, assuming your business is doing home renovation in Toronto then the best domain to sign up is www.torontohomerenovation.ca or www.torontohomerenovation.com . If you have a brand name that you need it to be shown in your domain you still can add it but make sure also to include your main keywords in your domain.

2- If you already have up and running website then you have already register a domain that doest necessarily include your keyword, don’t panic you still can rank we using this domain keep it like it is even if it doesn’t include your keywords, in this case the age of your domain will make the difference in your ranking.

3- The search engine optimization process has 3 main parts:
- The on page factor which is the changes you will be doing on the content of your website like adding keywords to your page, improving your site navigation and optimizing your title tags.
- The off page factor which is mainly the link building process, the more other websites link to your website the more important it will be in the eye of search engines.
- The user interaction/behavior on your website, the more time visitors spend on your website and the less they come back to the search engine before they land on your site the better your ranking will be. That could be done by keeping the visitors engaged in your website through providing then related information to their search query.

4- How to improve your on page factor without hiring an seo company?
I will assume that you don’t have more than 1 hour to spend on this step and you have basic HTML knowledge (You still need to have FTP access or backend access to your website to do that, the worst scenario you can ask your web developer to do it for you).
On your home page change the title tag to include your main keyword and make sure that you have this phrase mentioned few times on your home page.

5- How to improve the off page factor for your website?
This part will need more time, knowledge and experience, being able to do it yourself without getting an seo company involve depends on how much you are involved in web 2.0. Bus assuming you use some social media websites like www.digg.com or any other website then you can submit your website as a story. If you use forums then you can add your signature to your profile and obtain a link, same thing if you read blogs you can comment and obtain a link back to your website, to make it short for you wherever you are browsing and you find a way to leave a link back to your website just do it, make sure to have your keywords in the link text like this Toronto Home Renovation

6- How to improve the user experience and increase the user spent time in your website?
Basically offering people the information that they are looking for with easy to navigate website, incarnating with your visitors using polls, quizzes and blog. Offering your visitors something with value for free is also a good way to keep then engaged with your website, that could be done through articles and free tips like the one I am including here.

7- Is search engine optimization needs all these efforts?
It depends on the competition in your niche, if your niche is not competitive and your are targeting a keyword like “Toronto Cupcake” then the on page factor alone might get it for your (tips #4).
If you are targeting medium competition term like “Toronto Home Renovation” then you will need the on page factor + some inbound links (tips #4 and #5)
If your are targeting high competition term like “Cosmetic Surgery” then your will need then on page factor + a lot of inbound links + killing content and interactive pages (tips #4, #5 and #6).

8- Stay tuned this page is open to changes, I will keep adding more tips and change the old tips, please feel free to use the comment function to ask any question.


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