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Search Engine Optimization Begins With Backlinks

Category:  Search Engine Optimization

Directory Marketing is means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Marketers, in this context, would call Directory Marketing the most effective pathway to making money by building many different types of niche directories and showering them with Google Adsense Ads and making money from it. While this is an great way to do buisness, there is another way to look at Directory Marketing. You can make and create more backlinks with web directories and they will help to enhance the traffic and link popularity of your website by enabling your search engine rank and position.

Directories might appear to be nothing but a link farm to some, but the reality is, a superbly established SEO Friendly web directory can be the M16 in your SEO arsenal. Whyis this? The understandable reason why, is a directory which hand approves website for the directory, can create a high value source for internet visitors; and Google and most other search engines know this. Thus, when you submit your site with a web directory, it gets instantly recognized as a qualtiy backlink to your site.

What do you think is a high quality or good backlink? By finding out the Pagerank (PR) of the web directories you list with, you can effectiely guage the value of your backlink. The proper method is submitting to a large variety of websites that vary in Pagerank to develope your backlinks in a natural way, not giving them a systematic or formulated look. You want more PR5’s than PR0’s, but there is a definite reason for the procedure.

Changes in your linking method will aid over the long haul. Most directory owners are meticulous about mastering their own site’s Pagerank and will always stop at nothing to achieve a higher rank. This is great when you can get into a directory which goes from a PR0 listing to a PR5 in a year. Increased listing power for your link and an enabler of your site’s enhanced status. Plus, you might get in on a site, like the Aviva Directory which only accepts paid listings and has a 14,000 rank in Alexa and a PR6 rating.

Submit your site in as many directories as you can. The essential part here is not to do it too quickly. You do not want to hire a freelancer or submission service and have them list your site to 500 directories in 3 days. Google looks at this like link bombing. Search engines will think you are trying to work the system to get a higher rank and then delist your site, rendering your hard earned backlinks to mean absolutely nothing.

Submit your site almost exclusively to Free Directories, but also use Paid Directories, especially Bid for Placement Directories as the value in these types of directories is only beginning to be seen. When submitting your site, remember the importance of using anchor text. Identify you site’s specific string of keywords and start with about 5 solid word variations which fit. DO NOT use one word titles. Almost exclusively use 3-7 words as this establishes keyword entry points to your site through the search engines.

Remember, listing your site in directories is a simple way to build quality backlinks. But ensure you have a plan know it is not going to happen instantly. Backlinks cannot be established overnight, but building them by way of Directory Marketing will aid you to build better ones.


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