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How to Get Free Traffic from YouTube

Category:  Traffic Building and Analysis

In case you are somehow unaware of youtube, is a site that hosts millions of videos that are submitted by viewers of the site, which are then freely available for anyone to watch.

Now, to give you some idea of just how popular youtube is, according to leading online industry specialists, Alexa, it is the fourth most popular site on planet earth, that attracts 39 million unique visitors each month from the USA alone.

Maybe this will give you some idea of why Google thought it was a good idea to buy the company and their site last year for $1.65 billion – yes, that was billions of dollars – when youtube have never, so far, ever made a single cent of profit!

So, how would you like to get a chunk of those 39 million monthly visitors dropping in on your site?

It would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Well, the great news is that it really is not that hard to do, as long as you are willing to take a few basic steps.

The first thing that you need is a video that you can put up on the youtube site.

But, don’t for a minute let the thought of making one put you off.

We are not talking about a Spielberg or Woody Allen production here.

A video does not have to be super-professional or polished to enjoy great success on youtube.

Many of the most popular videos are simple home movies.

Many are not even ‘real’ videos at all, with many folks simply sticking together a montage of still pictures, and adding a background music track.

So, technical skills are not that important.

What is, however, vitally important is the subject matter of the video.

Think of your youtube video as if it were a TV commercial for your site. If it’s interesting, then people will watch it. If it is not, it’ll be turned off within seconds!

Your youtube video has GOT to make people want to watch it!

Funny videos, for example, are very good.
Likewise, videos featuring children and animals, especially if they are doing something funny or ‘cutesy’!

And remember to keep the video short (less than two or three minutes is best) so that people who are watching don’t lose interest.

So, the first thing is get that video made, and get it posted onto the youtube site.

Before you do so, however, let me explain just how you can use your video to help bring free traffic to your site, and so help your business.

If you are using a PC driven by Windows, then the chances are pretty good that you will have Windows Movie Maker on your machine already.

Use this program to compile your video.

Then at the end of the video, include a last frame that points the viewer to your site.

Something like “Want To See More? Visit blahblah.com” will point your viewers in the correct direction.

You can also include the site name at the beginning of the video, too, if you want, with a tagline like ‘This video was created by blahblah.com’ or ‘proudly brought to you by blahblah.com’.

This has the advantage of pre-warning the viewer that there is a website associated with the video and it also means that when they see it at the end, they have more chance of remembering it.

Just be careful not to over-do it. There would be no quicker way of turning the viewer off the video than bombarding them with your website details.

The final question to think about is, how do you ensure that the viewer is going to be a potential targeted customer, rather than just a random viewer?

Well, of course, you cannot do this completely, but one thing that you can do is add ‘tags’ to your video when you upload it to youtube. These tags are like keywords that are associated with your video, and should help pull in the kind of viewers that you want.

If at all possible, of course, you should try to tie the theme of the video itself into the same subject matter.

For example, if you sell pet supplies online, then it would make sense to feature a funny animal video that is tagged with phrases like ‘funny animal’, ‘cute cats’ or some such phrase.

One tip is to run a search on youtube and find what popular phrases you can tie into your video, and then use those as tags, even if they are not 100% directly related to your video.

So, in a nutshell, to get free traffic from youtube or any other video site, you need to make a video.

Make it funny or cute, tag it with the appropriate keywords or phrases, and make sure that your website appears at least once in the video.

By following this simple plan, you will give yourself a chance of attracting a slice of the many millions of visitors who spend time on youtube to your website.

It’s simple, effective, and free, so there really is no good reason that you should not start promoting your site on youtube right now!


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